On 5.2.15, we launched Captured52 around the idea that the right photograph, when viewed on a grand scale, completely transforms the experience.

Today, Captured52 is recognized worldwide for our unconventional curation, personalized service and museum quality work at a great price. At the end of this Season, our portfolio will include a selection of over 200 exclusive large format photographs, from 148 photographers in 38 countries.

These are the images of Captured52—printed and framed to perfection, packed and shipped with love—from our studio in Portland, Oregon.


The road to 52 is a journey through time, stories, places and people. It's diving into thousands of bodies of work, from hundreds of photographers exploring vast landscapes of interpretation, experimentation and narrative.

We are acutely aware of our responsibility to accurately translate the vision of our photographers, and the essence of that moment, onto paper and to deliver at the highest levels of quality, value and personalized service to our customers.

This is our community—built on a foundation that challenges the status quo, redefines the value of large format photography as contemporary art and places substance over swagger. This is Captured52.


Across artistic, political and cultural landscapes, photography continues to evolve to new levels of creative interpretation—from stories that bear witness, to collaborative exploration and experimentation, to spontaneous or thoughtful process—these are the images that simply stand alone.

True value—found in the singular power of the piece.


While artistic imperfection may be the point, so too, production perfection. A Captured52 image guarantees you the finest original photograph, craftsmanship and materials. Our printing process is exactly the same as what many of the world’s leading photographers and galleries depend on for museum-quality “limited editions.”

We print exclusively on Hahnemühle 100% Cotton Photo Rag paper—the choice among the world’s most ambitious artists since 1584. Our custom, solid wood, shadowbox frames are handcrafted in either black, white or walnut, to the exacting standards of galleries and museums worldwide.

Your embossed, date-stamped and framed photograph is packed with care in our custom boxes and delivered to your doorstep, ready to hang (proper weight distribution brackets included).



Yes, the immortal words of Anatole France "In art as in love, instinct is enough" do indeed speak volumes.

We spend a lot of time curating the unconventional—seeking images that you won't find elsewhere. Images that speak to the heart and soul, that draw you, that connect you in a way that illuminates the reason we buy art.

With every photograph we sell during the 18/19 Season, we’ll include at Season's end, our large format Journal of all 52 images including the story of each by the photographer.

At the heart of what we do, is a global community connected by the common bond of 52 images — every photograph and every person, a part of the story, integral to the journey.