Big Photographs. That’s all we do.

Since 2015, we’ve been bucking tradition—building our relationships and reputation on a collection of photographs like no other. We believe that size does matter, and some photographs should simply not be resigned to a little space on a wall.

Our view, is that a great photograph should make a statement. Command a room. Draw you in. Dependent on neither description or narrative, our images are as much about the where, who and how in equal measure—the environment and conditions, vision and talent and process and luck that make a Captured52 image—unconventional.

When you consider our work, we ask that you keep in mind the intent of the photographer and the conditions under which your image was captured, especially low to no-light situations. What you experience on paper, is the accurate representation of the mood, feeling, and detail of that moment in time.

We will never compromise integrity by delivering an image that would not meet with the exacting standards of our photographers or our customers. That’s our promise.

Should you ever have a question, let us know—we’re here to help.

Peter Johnson