May is photography month and while we celebrate this incredible craft every day, May is a lovely month for the designation! Photography, unlike any other art form, connects us to time, to place and to each other. We celebrate the 227 amazing photographers from around the world represented by Captured52 and whose work we get to elevate to print big! And what a selection of work! We don’t think you’ll find anywhere else, the diversity, depth and power of images that so come alive at the scale we print.

Dive into the art, the books, the prints and history of photographs—did you know that Joseph Nicéphore Niépce is credited with the first captured image in 1826? How about the most expensive photograph ever sold—vintage or contemporary? Who’s your photographer—maybe it’s you. We hope our images inspire you to shoot—whatever it is, we’re all photographers now…find your voice. Go forth and create.