Always good to get a little press—this time in the Home + Design section of Fort Worth Magazine. Rachael Lindley writes, “Unlike the blush and bashful of “Steel Magnolias” yesteryear, today’s blush trend is an unexpected neutral. Think more sophisticated and less sweet. While blush is a more feminine color, it can add a brighter touch to darker shades such as navy or black and work double time, bringing a bit of dimension to white, cream and gold. This sumptuous shade looks best with a bit of texture as to not appear fussy”

We don’t have a ton of money (paltry in fact) to spend on advertising and marketing, so we depend on the good words of writers like Rachael who somehow and thankfully, found us and included one of our works, Steven Castro’s, 40″ x 53″ photograph, Santissimo Redentore as a complement to a handful of other home accessories sharing the same ‘blush’ palette.