Q I thought interpreting photographs as art required a Phd. Doesn’t your approach fly in the face of conventional wisdom?

A Arriving at simple, is complex and we felt that reengaging interest in how photographs are perceived, valued and transacted as contemporary art would require a radical departure from the status quo. At its most elemental – art is about beauty, emotion and meaning.

Q Isn’t it hard finding 52 world class images that meet your exacting standards of quality, aesthetic value and cultural relevance?

A Yes – very hard. But we approach our curation with a very open mind and select our images on what we feel is the singular power of the piece. Art is entirely subjective—we fully support creative freedom and believe that a photograph is as much about when, where and how the image was captured. These are photographs that you don’t just find anywhere and the quality of the image is integral to the story behind it. A studio shot is going to have a much different look and feel than an image captured from a storm in the Arctic, the top of Everest or a mile below the ocean surface. Large format cameras produce something entirely different than a cheap Holga camera. Grain, blur, texture, detail (or lack thereof), low light, bright light and all manner conditions, equipment and creative interpretation make our photographs unique, synergistic and memorable. Read more on our About page.

Q Why don’t you reveal all 52 photographs?

A Mystery.

Q Why do you sell only open editions?

A The visionary photographer Ansel Adams sold over 1,300 original prints of his iconic image, Moonrise, Hernandez – as an open edition. Why? Because he needed the cash and there was a demand. In the early ’70s you could have picked one up for $500! Now that image ranges from $80,000 to $600,000 — if you can find one. Nothing’s changed – great work sold as an open edition can make more money for the photographer and provide many more people the chance to own original work at a fair price. While many people owning the same work, not fewer, is what substantiates the work — true value, is found in the singular power of the piece. Don’t fall for the limited edition hype.

Q Do you sell only original photographs?

A Yes. Every image that we publish is printed directly from the photographer’s master file that they send directly to us. Not only are our photographs original, so too the creative process — from veterans to a new generation of artists experimenting across traditional, sculptural, conceptual and performance art, cross pollinating analog and digital, and exploring the far reaches of the imagination. We consider every interpretation of the “photographic” process as original and a natural evolution of the craft.

Q What’s with all the hype around the “Letter” or “Certificate” of Authenticity?

A These documents in no way prove that your art is “authentic”. The size of a Captured52 image however, requires a very big file from which to print at the quality we do. You can rest assured that the print file came directly from the photographer who has also approved our embossed seal located on the lower right boarder of their image. Authentic to the core, guaranteed.

Q Why do you sell the photograph in only one size?

A Certain photographs are simply meant to be experienced big and we feel that our 52 are best represented on a grand scale. By offering an image exclusive to one size, we don’t prevent our photographers from using their image in other ways, that may additionally benefit them, so long as the image is smaller than the Captured52 image.

Q Should I be freaking out about how big this thing is?

A Don’t over react, be creative! You’ve got an incredible work of art that could look great just leaning against the wall. When you see a large piece of art on the wall, you typically don’t think “that’s too big for the wall.” On the other hand you will definitely notice of a piece looks too small for the space, because the tendency is to err too small for the wall.  Imagine the impact of a 5′ x 6’6″ (60″ x 80″) vertical (portrait) photograph on a standard 8′ ceiling height 8′ wide wall. Or the same size horizontal (landscape) on a 10′ wide wall. Be bold! Make a statement!

Q How do you ship?

A Every Captured52 image is printed to exacting specifications by our master printer, museum shadowbox framed with the highest quality Roma Italian moulding and packed with care in our custom art containers. We ship from Portland, Oregon via UPS or FedEx (flat packed up to 40”x 60”) or ground (crated for 48″ x 60″ and 60” x 80”) via one of several art handling shippers. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. PLEASE NOTE, THAT OUR 60” X 80” CRATES WEIGH AROUND  160LBS SO PLEASE PLAN AHEAD AND PREPARE ACCORDINGLY. Delivery times will vary, depending on our carrier. When your image ships, you will receive a shipment confirmation email including your tracking number so that you can follow your image as it travels home!


Q Do you ship internationally?

A Yes, at an additional cost and we’re happy to accommodate international requests – please shoot us an email at shipping@captured52.com.

Q Can I expect my Captured52 image to be the same as I see it on my computer screen.

A Images will typically appear brighter on your computer screen because they are backlit. We make every effort to display as close to what your actual image will look like and minimize variations in final printing.

Q What is your return policy?

A Because we custom print and frame your image, we do not accept returns. We are however, happy to exchange for another image of the same or lesser value. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase of a Captured52 image, you may return it within seven (7) days of receipt and select another image from our Archive or a future image from the same season in which you purchased. Original shipping charges will not be refunded, return shipment costs are the responsibility of the customer and Captured52 will ship the replacement image at no charge. If you do decide to return your Captured52 Image, please follow these instructions:

  • Email exchange@captured52.com with your order number and specific reason for the return.
  • Captured52 will respond with an Exchange Image Authorization number (EIA#)
  • Please print the Exchange Image Authorization form, complete it, including your EMA# and enclose in the return shipment of the artwork.Exchange Image Authorization.doc

The framed image must be packed in the original shipping box or crate with the Exchange Image Authorization Form, Captured52 branded insert artwork and image detail sticker on the back of the frame. No exchange will be accepted without the proper paperwork and the image will need to be returned in perfect condition in it’s original packaging to qualify for an exchange.

Ship it back to: Captured52 I 2044 NW Pettygrove St. I Portland OR, 97209

Damaged Prints

In the unfortunate event that your piece arrives damaged, take detailed photos of the damage to the piece AND the original packaging that your piece arrived in. Attach the photos to an email and send to steve@captured52.com. Per FedEx and freight policy, these photographs are essential to filing a claim. Our aim is to resolve as quickly as possible and we’ll get back to you within 2 business days on next steps.

For any other issues, please contact customer service at service@captured52.com.