Relationships at their most fundamental are based on trust. And photography at its core, is based on truth. The idea of offering one image from each or 52 invited photographers from around the world—had to start with one photographer. Then another, and another—one at a time until I got to 52. At the end of Season 4, C52 represents the incredible work of 178 photographers from 43 countries—entirely built on trust. But the world has changed since I started this journey, and for some, truth and trust are no longer hallowed ground—a new persuasive narrative has emerged—attacking truth, eroding trust and driving division. But I believe, that if the photographers of C52 were to gather in a room—while they may not agree on certain things, they’d engage in the conversation, they’d consider the other points of view and they’d seek to understand. Yes, we are altogether different, yet we’re all together. We’ve always been about photographs that speak the truth—through creative expression, stark reality or both—images that emerge from both internal and external forces—revealing poverty and prosperity, conflict and harmony, war and peace, love and hate, life and death. And somehow, through the resilience of the human spirit—beauty.