Elle Decor thought our original idea was pretty cool and listed us #7 among the Top 34 Best Places to Buy Art Online and WOW…here’s what they said:

“Captured52 is an ultra cool art seller with and extremely unique platform. The online store invites some of the world’s most talented photographers to sell their work on their site—and that’s where things get interesting. Only one image is available at a time, and it’s one available for a week, making it an extremely sought after art destination for true lovers of photography.”

Thank you, thank you!

And speaking of Elle Decor, the piece they selected was this one Onna #1 by Dutch photographer Daniek Dijkstra. 

Onna #1 is part of the series Onna, inspired by Japanese folklore and hypnagogic hallucinations. Fantasy and folk tales form a recurring inspiration whilst trying to challenge the medium of photography and its boundaries in order to provide viewers with a portal into a parallel universe. Daniek’s work is characterized by a dreamy, fairytale-esque feel with an always present eerie ambience. She tries to create simple, yet visually striking work by manipulating the images layer after layer working with different media and techniques.