While all of our photographs arrive ready to hang, we use a two hook system that we place in a little box and affix to the back of your frame. In the this box, are two OOK!® hooks and two nails. Two D rings on the backside of the frame will hang from the hooks.

So…at what height is optimum for hanging your artwork? Well the rule of thumb is that the center of the piece should be 57″-60″ from the floor. But these are big pieces and the tendency is to hang too low. Here’s how we do it. If you’ve got a piece that is smaller than 60″ x 80″ then you and one other person can manage. If your piece is 60″ x 80″ it’s best to have two other people on hand—one to handle each side.

If you’re piece is displayed above a sofa or table, you may want to move the furniture and mark the height of the furniture on the wall with a piece of tape. But hey, we get in our socks and stand on the sofa! Have your assistants place the piece on the wall and have them move it up and down until you’re happy with placement. Now take a tape measure and measure from where the wall meets the ceiling to the top of the frame. And you’ll want to measure from the side walls to the sides of the frame when you’ve decided on placement, either centered or off-set.

Now measure the distance from the top of the frame to the top of the D ring that will hang on the hook. Add that to the distance from the top of the frame to the ceiling and mark it on the wall with a —. Do the same on the other side. Now measure the distance from the center of one D ring to the center of the other D ring. This is the distance between the hooks. Make sure you consider the distance that you want from the side walls and once determined, mark with a |.

The center of the + mark on the wall is where you will place the hook, not the nail! Nail the hooks into the wall, hang your piece and enjoy!