When we first started, 52 meant 52 weeks in the year and 52 unique images from 52 invited photographers from around the world. We thought it would be cool to offer each open edition image for one week only, and if you missed out on buying it that week…well, you’d have to wait to see what the next week would offer. 

As a naive start up, we thought that our unique approach would quickly get attention and our audience and sales would grow organically as word spread.

Our ‘one week only’ idea didn’t exactly start the revolution we were hoping for. Well we sat around for awhile and then awhile more, and while orders trickled in, we had to wait until the end of Season 1 to make a change. 

In the spirit of our original idea, we now release our work in four tightly curated Collections of 13 images each. And at the end of every Season, all 52 images move into the archives, where they remain available, albeit at a slightly higher price. 

Now into our fourth Season, Captured52 is recognized worldwide for our commitment to the printed image, always in large format, always produced to perfection and always shipped with love.

Everything that we do, is what makes a Captured52 image, a Captured52 image.